Making the most of your time during Covid-19

Here’s a few ideas of how you might use any extra time you have:

  • Read your Bible!
  • Read the Bible with someone else, or others, in a group chat.
  • Read a book. Order books online from
  • Start or join a book club to discuss good books together.
  • Pray with someone / others.
  • Pray for people you know who aren’t Christians, especially for opportunities to speak about the security of knowing the Lord of this world. Many people are more open to talking about the bigger issues of life at the moment.
  • Call someone who might be isolated.
  • Write letters to people; especially those who might be feeling the isolation (children might love mail too!).
  • Play games (E.g. using Zoom).
  • Watch a Christian film, or series of talks, and discuss with someone.

Let us know what other idea you have that are worth sharing!

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