Recording Attendance in Elvanto

Log in

Log in to Elvanto.

If you are taken to the ‘Member Area’ (blue menu at the top of the page) then click on ‘Admin Area’ in the top left menu.

Go to the relevant service to report attendance

  1. Click on ‘Services’ in the left hand menu.
  2. Find the relevant service (check date and time).
  3. Click on ‘Reporting’ to open the Reporting tab.


If you can’t see the relevant service, you may need to adjust your ‘View’ to Past Services of Upcoming Services to find the relevent service.

Report Attendance

1. Click on ‘Mass Add People’.

2. Click on the filter box to filter list. Select the following:

Status: Active

People Cat: Members/Congregation + Visitors/New People

Demographic: Adults + Youth

Service Type: 9:30am Kallaroo Upstairs OR 5pm Church

3. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Add xxx People’.

4. Confirm: ‘Add all People’.

5. You now have a list of all the people on the list for this service (and this list should match the name tags and attendance sheet for this service). We then proceed to ‘remove’ the people who did not attend:

A. Make the list show 200 people at a time (if desired)

B. Delete people who were not present (simply delete people whose name tags have not been taken – unless you know they were there!)

C. Add any people (Kallaroo members who are in the database) who attended who were not on the list by searching for them at the top.

D. Add the number of visitors who attended the service.

You are done! The data automatically saves.

You can log out of Elvanto now.

Thank you!