We use Elvanto for rostering, planning services, and for communication.

Log in

If you're on a roster at Kallaroo, you will have been sent login details. If you need the email resent, just contact Matt.

Download the mobile app …

When it asks you, type in the domain: kallaroo.elvanto.com.au

… or Add the Elvanto web app to your mobile home screen

Apple iOS

When you have Elvanto open in Safari, tap the Share button (square with an arrow pointing upward and tap Add to Home Screen


When you have Elvanto open in Chrome, tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to homescreen.


The online roster lets you see when you're rostered on and who else is rostered on with you. It also stays up to date when people change dates.

You can also enter any dates you will be unavailable so that we can take that into account when producing the roster.

If you are unable to access a device to log into Elvanto, you can contact the office for a printed copy of the roster. Bear in mind any printed roster will not show when the roster has been updated or any people have swapped.

Find a replacement

Find out who can replace you

Go to your Roster in Elvanto and find the service you want to replace yourself for.

Tap the red cross next to your name to Decline the role for that day.

Then tap Swap or Replace.

You'll be shown a list of people who can replace you.

If during the week

Send an email request

Select who you want to send a replacement request to.

Tap Send Requests to send a request via email.

If someone accepts your request, you'll receive an email, and there's nothing else you need to do.

If no one accepts your request before the weekend, you'll need to call people (next step).

If on the weekend

Call on the phone

Use the Parish Directory to find the contacts details of those available to replace you. Call around to find a replacement.

Let the service leader know that you've found a replacement. This is useful so that we can update the roster and in case we're looking for you and you're not there!

I can't find anyone!

Once you've tried everybody, but you haven't found a replacement, contact the service leader, or Matt.

Sundays: Bear in mind that the ministry leaders will be preparing for and running the services on Sundays, so they may not see your message or be able to respond to it straight away.

Parish Directory

The Parish Directory is available on Elvanto. The information in the directory is available only to those who are themselves in the directory.

If you are not in the Parish Directory, and would like to be, please contact the office.